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How To Recoil Your Vape

How To Recoil Your Vape

Building coils can help you save money, rather than buying disposable coil heads every week. It’s also a fun hobby that vapers not only take pride in, but get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The best way to get good at it is through repetition. You’ll be building and wicking in no time. So let we take a look with the tutorial how to recoil tank.

How To Recoil Your Vape


We need to prepare the tools for recoiling the wire. As per basic and most requirement needs we should have the scissor or cutter to clean cut the wire, a coil jig, a tweezer, we also need a mod to place and test fire the tanks for coiling and also not to forget screwdriver to unscrew within the tanks, and of course we need the kanthal and cotton too



Wrap the Khantal wire 6-7 times, 2.5mm size in coil jig. If you don’t know how to make the wire using coil jig , just using the magic coil for ease to wrap. Just do same step for using double coil.


Now put the coil at your tank, then screw the coil for to get it work. Adjust the coil to the center. After adjust the coil , you need to cut the extra khantal so can be easy to fit in your tank, or other word if you dont cut properly it will be ‘Check Automizer’ in your display screen.



Try to fire and adjust the coils with the tweezers . It should fire evenly from the center out, just scratch the coil to get the fire start to the middle first. Becareful when you fire it, don’t  let your finger touch it.



Remove the inner collar and grab some Rayon Fiber cottons and slide it thru the coil and trim it. Cut the cotton wisely, make sure there is enough cotton to touch the base. Otherwise it will be leaking.



Wet the cotton with your favorite E-Juice to let the cotton absorb with your e-juice.



Put the  cotton to their side of tank , for make ease the cotton to absorb the e-juice.



Test fire again to check the cotton wet perfectly , so it will be perfect time to continue vaping again.



Put the e-juice in your tank. Slowly fill in the tank , bacause worried e-juice will full in your tank will spill over at your hand. That will waste the e-juice.



Now you can drip again , feel that moment when you vaping !!! Thankyou for see our recoil tutorial. Support us The Vape69 for being more great in future!!! Enjoy your day with TheVape69.

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