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Our Retails Branch : The Story

Our Retails Branch : The Story

In our first branch is located at Bandar Sri Permaisuri . For this branch, starting business hour from 11 A.M until 3 A.M . For all branch The Vape69, Permaisuri branch are the longest business hour in all our branch. Because here are main center for customer to walk-in. Everyday in Permaisuri branch always full with customers who is from our regular customer and new customer.For this branch, we have 12 staffs that will serve our customers with good service. In our branch our staff will guide customer who is just start vaping , from A to Z our staff will guide to all customer who are came to the branch The Vape69 .

The second branch is located at Sri Rampai . Before we have this branch to open the vape shop, we are open the restaurant . Name of that restaurant are Pantai Cahaya Bulan Sri Rampai. And now our owner have change the restaurant to vape shop. So begin our second branch at Sri Rampai. Ofcourse it still many customer that come to our second branch. In this branch for business hour start at 12 P.M until 12 A.M. Our services same like first branch, our staff will guide all our customer A to Z . In Sri Rampai we have 8 staff that will help our customer to buy what they want in a perfect services.

Our third branch are located at Taman Dato Harun . Its our opportunity to open another branch for customer who’s from Petaling Jaya, so that will provide our services for them to walk-in in our third branch. Its good for neighbourhood who want to buy e-cigarette and e-juice, because our branch are nearest with resindential area. That benefit for our to make business become more bigger. Our busniess hour start at 12 P.M until 12 A.M. We have 6 staff at Taman Dato Haron that will serve all customer with good services.

For our fourth branch are located at Puchong . Its new branch for The Vape69, we all glad to open new branch in that area because we want make easier for our membership customers that want buy any e-juice and e-cigaratte from our shop. We all know that The Vape69 have become more bigger and more be favourite for all our customer. In branch Puchong we have 5 staff that can help any customers to purchace their item that they want. For this branch our business hour will open 11A.M until 11P.M . Our staff will give perfect services too all our new customer and our membership customers.

2 thoughts on “Our Retails Branch : The Story

  1. Abu Harraz says:

    Vape69 dato haron..helpfull staff and friendly..

    1. Ahmad Azidee says:

      thankyou for giving us rating 🙂 hopefully our staff help you perfectly 🙂

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