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What is Ceramic Coils?

What is Ceramic Coils?
What is Ceramic Coils?
What is Ceramic Coils?

Did you know what is ceramic coils? What are the advantages and the disadvantage?

Well, There are two ways to use ceramic in the vape industry. The first is to use ceramic as a common replacement wire. The second is to replace ceramic with cotton.

What are the advantages?
- Life expectancy is longer than normal coil
- Improved flavor delivery

What's the disadvantage? 
- Not many manufacturers produce ceramic products. Therefore the selection is very limited 
- Strong eating flavor. Due to its large size, the ceramic coil absorbs more flavor than you wear the usual coil. 
- There are some researches that the use of ceramic coils in the vape is not very good for health.

The well-known Pod System has brought back ceramic coils back into the industry more widely. So make a good selection for your daily vape use. If you think it's worth it. It's up to you to make a decision. Anything we do will definitely be good and bad.

So be sure to do a research first and do not be shy to ask before you make the purchase okay?




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