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Why Does It Taste Burnt When I Vape?

Why Does It Taste Burnt When I Vape?

If you are a person who regularly vapes, you might be familiar with the unusual burnt flavor left in your mouth after taking a hit. Some people are very taken aback when this flavor makes its way into their mouth. The hit of the burnt vapor is anything but pleasant, and many people are not aware of why they are getting a burnt hit when they vape. You may be wondering why the vape tastes burnt anyway.

Chain Vaping

Chain vaping is the process of taking multiple hits without stopping. This process is probably one of the most common causes of a burnt vapor flavor. At some point or another, every member of the vaping community has experienced chain vaping at least once. People who vape on an everyday basis can often times get way too excited about putting a new amount of juice in their tank and will end up chain vaping. Though it might benefit the happiness of the person who is excited to try out their new juice, it certainly does not benefit the well-being of the coil of your vape. Chain vaping will ruin your coil, as the coil will not have the ability to absorb more juice before the next hit, which leads to the coil drying out. Because of this, the coil will burn.

How to Stop Chain Vaping

The process seems easy, but realistically, quitting chain vaping is difficult for many. A large number of people who vape used to smoke, so it’s a habit to take shorter hits off of a vape, just like smoking a cigarette. There have been claims made that chain vaping will be able to help the nicotine addiction that these ex-cigarette smokers feel they have.

If chain vaping is a way to help the cravings of nicotine, the best way to do this is to purchase a juice that is made of a higher concentration of nicotine. Juices that are made with a higher nicotine concentration are able to produce a greater hit that people enjoy more. This is a feeling that a majority of smokers prefer. Steeping e-juice can also help with this. Inhaling the vapor for a longer period of time during less frequent periods of time is also something that can help someone stop chain vaping, because the coil will not burn as fast.

If quitting chain vaping is not something that you are looking into doing to help the longevity of your coil, one of the most recommended options is to get an RDA, also known as a re-buildable dripping atomizer. After a few hits, RDAs absolutely depend on re-dripping after only a couple of hits. One of the benefits of having an RDA is that the wick of the RDA does not take as long to process and absorb the new juice. Many vapers prefer an RDA due to the better quality of this product.

Is it important to prime the coils?

If you’ve ever put new juice in your vape, taken a few hits, and experienced a burnt flavor almost immediately after, you are not alone. A very large amount of people who vape have experienced this feeling at least once, if not more than once. When this happens, the common assumption is that the coil is already messed up. One of the biggest reasons as to why a coil gets burnt so quickly is because they have not been primed until right before they begin using it. Priming the coil is by far one of the most important steps in vaping. Priming is the process where the wick of the coil is covered in vape juice so that it is ready to be used. Skipping this process is not helpful when it comes to preserving your coil. The reason why priming a coil is so important is because without it, the coil being used is completely dry. So, by using as much power as a vape has, the coil will burn because it is dry. This is another reason why your vape tastes burnt.

High Power Vaping

Vaping at the extremely high powers is another way to ruin your coils in a very fast amount of time. If you go beyond the recommended wattage range, there is a higher chance of getting a burnt coil. The wick of the coil can also get burned when the temperature is set higher than the recommended range of temperature. This is because the wick cannot absorb the e-juice and the vaporization faster than usual, which will cause the coil to burn at a faster rate.

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